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Malice In Wonderland - The Dolls Movie

Confessions of a New Director

When I moved to Albuquerque eight years ago I fell in cahoots with the most whacked-out theatrical troupe on the planet. Known as "The Dolls," they were notorious for their ridiculously naughty humor and had been commanding the city's stages for years.

I innocently accepted The Dolls invitation to appear in one of their Christmas shows, as an Elf. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Months later, I'm standing onstage as a Robot from Uranus, experiencing the exhilaration that can only come from playing an intergalactic jester to a stellar audience. As I stood on a lunar landscape and surveyed the crowd, I knew my destiny; to become a filmmaker and bring The Dolls' experience to the entire galaxy!

Through networking with the local independent film community, I was privileged to work with some incredibly talented individuals as I began to learn the art and craft of film.

The advent of "all-things-Alice" seemed an auspicious time to roll up our sleeves, hike up our skirts, and do something impossible - make a movie before breakfast! And so, we did

What you see was filmed in my living room and the basement of a bank, with the help of green screen technology and the talents of the incredible "team wonderland." I am privileged to work with an astounding group of amazing artists, both onstage and backstage. Above the line, below the line, and sometimes below the belt, it's theater on film.

Prepare yourself! The Dolls are ready for their close-up!

Russell Maynor, Director


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